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Fossil Gen 6 44mm Touchscreen Smart Watch for Men with Alexa Built-In, Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker, Sleep Tracker, GPS, Speaker, Music Control, Smartphone Notifications

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Specification: Fossil Gen 6 44mm Touchscreen Smart Watch for Men with Alexa Built-In, Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker, Sleep Tracker, GPS, Speaker, Music Control, Smartphone Notifications

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September 1, 2021

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#94 in Smartwatches

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3,630 ratings

10 reviews for Fossil Gen 6 44mm Touchscreen Smart Watch for Men with Alexa Built-In, Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker, Sleep Tracker, GPS, Speaker, Music Control, Smartphone Notifications

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  1. Nimblewan

    First of all, the body, band and crystal are all Fossil and offers a smartwatch with style that is not boring and typical like an apple or Samsung. I love it. It’s rugged and comfortable to wear.It’s important to recognize that what is behind the crystal is quality hardware that is not uniquely Fossil. Rather, it’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with plenty of memory and battery. Outside of the Fossil splash screen on startup this is where Fossil ends and a quality smartwatch begins.The operating system is Wear OS by Google. This is the same as that on Samsung and tweaked some by Fossil to work with the buttons on the watch and have Fossil watch faces.Having read the negative reviews prior to buying this watch and now having used it for a month, I’d like to mention some considerations that should be made before buying.Before buying any device ask,”how am I going to use it?” This is a fully functional device that does everything, and it comes with everything turned on and multiple apps that do the same thing. This is so you can discover all that functionality. That is definitely not the way to leave it. If you do, you’ll run into some confusing scenarios, battery drain and sluggish performance.So, I uninstalled the Nike apps. I’ve used MyFitnessPal from UnderArmor for years. I have it on my phone and links seamlessly with Google fit that comes part of the OS. I’ve deactivated Alexa. Google pay links with PayPal on my phone. I’ve uninstalled the 3rd party pulse, O2 and step counting apps. The native apps with WearOS work perfectly with the 3rd party apps on my phone. Media control works with Pi music player.I did have to install Outlook to see MY email but that was too easy.Now that I’ve had it for a month, I’m totally satisfied. It is only running what I need and everything else has been removed. As such the battery it’s lasting for days (3 at least).I make changes to it all the time and it’s safe to say all that I have now is a stylish arm piece that does exactly what I need, when I need and only what I need.Oh, don’t buy the cover glass recommended by Amazon. Get glad what is described as rounded or beveled. Though any 9H glass will protect the center of the screen is frustrating to tap the cut edge of the cover glass and have it spur and crack. Broke 3 glass covers in 2 weeks. The rounded edge is superior.

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  2. Adam Howard

    Reading these reviews, it is clear not everyone knows how to use their smartwatch, which means updating their device. So before giving my review, I will use my review to educate people.First, plug your smartwatch into your charger. Tap the top of the screen and swipe down. Next, tap on the gear icon. Tap the bottom of the screen and swipe up until you see “system,” then tap on it to select “system.” Tap the bottom and swipe up again until you see “about” and then tap on it “about” to select it. Tap and swipe up (again) and select “System updates,” and install the available updates. Your smartwatch will reboot, AND you will need to repeat this process until there are no more updates.Fossil, like any Android device, is not without its partnerships. Unfortunately, that is part of why the battery may drain faster; for example, you do not need two (2) heart monitoring apps. The excellent news is Fossil had the foresight not to lock in those bundled apps, and you can uninstall (remove) them safely.To bring up the list of installed apps, quickly press the middle button. A long press will bring up Google Assistant, so be sure to press fast to bring up the app menu instead. Next, select “Play Store,” and within “Play Store,” swipe down to “My apps.” Select the app you may wish to uninstall (remove). You can always reinstall (re-add) if you change your mind, and the system (important) apps are protected and do not have the option to remove, so you have nothing to worry about and can do this safely.In the Wear OS app (on your phone or tablet), you should also disable any notifications you do not need to be sent to your smartwatch. My phone already receives a lot of notifications, and not all of them do I need to be passed onto my smartwatch. This, too, can save battery power.Now my opinion is Fossil did an excellent job of making a smartwatch. Although this is the 1st smartwatch that I own myself, I have experienced using a few other brands (Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, Amazfit). The truth is the technology, no matter if you use Android or Apple, is not perfect. For example, if I wake up but remain lying in bed playing with my phone, it may still be counted as “sleeping.” And if I try to measure my exercise inside my house, taking 100 steps may be counted as only 80 because the GPS and step counting are not perfect if you remain in a confined space. This is the same for every brand smartwatch I have used; there is a small margin of error. If you are expecting absolute perfection, the technology, in general, is not there.That said, Fossil’s battery, when you disable the “always-on screen” (located in the display setting), is suitable for well over a day with all the features enabled. The smartwatch is also durably made of solid stainless steel with a sold screen. They did not go cheap on the quality of the watch. I even took a long warm, soaking bath, going a bit above the swim test, and my smartwatch works fine. Fossil also supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so I have the best of both worlds.Overall, I am satisfied with my Fossil smartwatch.

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  3. Matthew AdamsMatthew Adams

    Disclaimer: I’ve only had it one day, so this is an initial impression. I will update in the future if I run into problems or anything changes.So after setting it up, it required two updates to get up to date. Makes sense, it’s been a little while since this beautiful thing was released. I purchased a watch face called the Pixel Minimum face (as seen in the photo), and i just love it. The Fossil faces look sharp, and I might use them in some situations but in general this face is great. The sensors don’t seem to be the most accurate, but are close enough.The battery life – not so great, but it charges incredibly fast, 1% about every 10 seconds. If smart features aren’t required, they can almost all be disabled and should make it last quite a while as just a regular watch. Of course I hope the WearOS 3 update will better be able to handle the hardware and eek out better battery life, but only time will tell.The speaker is, lackluster, but it’s so tiny I wouldn’t expect it to play a concert. It’s good enough for google assistant to talk a bit. Calls on it are pretty hard to hear, but again, it’s a watch.. I’d probably prefer to use my phone anyway.I haven’t had a chance to use google pay with it yet, but I’m sure it works just fine.Initial conclusion: It’s a fast, fast charging, snappy and gorgeous work of art. It combines form and function in a comfortable to wear device. The battery, well, sucks, but considering how fast it charges it’s forgivable – for me at least. The built in speaker is nice to have, but won’t be something I use often to make or receive calls as it’s not quite loud enough to hear without holding it right up to my ear.I would recommend this for any tech enthusiasts who also like beautiful things. It’s not a dedicated health tracker, and shouldn’t be treated as such. It is a smart watch that fulfills all the functions a smart watch (In my humble opinion) should, with some extra frills around the edges.

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  4. Slotown

    This is my 2nd smart watch. My first one was a Huawei which I also like. I was forced to purchase a new watch because Wear OS was no longer supported and after five years the battery had really declined quite a bit. So after a lot of research I choose the Fossil Gen 6. I wanted a watch that supported Wear OS because I like to change watch faces when ever I want to even though I use one of them about 95% of the time.Things I like:1. This watch is fast. Much faster than my old watch when I swipe the screen.2. Features in Wear OS are better. I like the lock screen and I also like having Alexa on my wrist.3. The watch face is larger (44mm). Much easier to see.4. It charges blazingly fast! from a 20% reading it will climb to 90-100% in about 30 minutes or so.3. The watch is slimmer and weighs less.4. The button layout and the ability to program them is nice.Things I don’t like:1. The watch band was junk. I ordered a watch with one that I thought it said was leather. It was plastic. I put my old watch band on.2. The glass bezel is just slightly higher than the metal around it. Looks good, but I’m hard on watch’s and will scratch it badly. I ordered some of those glass protectors. We’ll see how they hold up.Overall: Very satisfied. Price dropped below $200 and I suspect it will drop again for Cyber Friday in November. I’m also expecting a GEN 7 version before November. Time will tell.

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  5. Charles Hogg

    The message is simple. All I wanted—all I’ve wanted for years—is a watch as good as the Fossil Gen 5, but with a battery that doesn’t suck. Well, this watch is as good as the Fossil Gen 5, and its battery doesn’t suck.I’ve been using Wear OS watches since 2014, back when it was called “Android Wear”. In that time, I’ve come to prefer Fossil watches, since they provide the basic smartwatch features I care about (handling notifications; counting steps; NFC payment; checking weather; etc.), but look like *actual watches*. Attractive, without sticking out too much—just right! The Fossil Gen 5 was particularly nice. With one hardware button mapped to flashlight (super handy—try it!) and the other mapped to Google Pay, it fit my needs perfectly.Except… the battery. Every day, it would limp along until hitting one of the “extended battery” modes sometime mid-evening. A few times a month, it’d end up in time-only mode: oof. And poker night? Forget it: dead before I head home. “All day battery”… well, *kinda*. Why couldn’t I have a watch as good in the evening as the Gen 5 was in the morning?Enter the Gen 6. The Snapdragon Wear 4100+ sets it up for significantly improved battery life. All they had to do was *deliver*, without losing any of the good points of the Gen 5. And they did! I haven’t given the battery a second thought since I got the watch a week ago. Every day, it ends with 40-50%, or more. And this is with the always-on display, which I consider essential for anything that claims to be a “watch”. (I’m using the Classic watch face, FWIW.)What’s more, it throws in an SpO2 sensor for good measure. The reading takes a lot longer than a dedicated SpO2, but it’s nice to know I’ll always have it in a pinch.Much has been made about the expected long delay for Wear OS3. This doesn’t bother me, since I’ll be spending those months with, essentially, a Gen 5 with SpO2, minus the battery anxiety.It wasn’t *all* roses. I did find the setup procedure a bit clunky. It takes a good while to finish downloading all the apps and getting everything the way I want it.Oh, and a caveat: that setup procedure seems to use a _lot_ of battery. Don’t judge the battery life on your first day experience—it’s not representative!Overall, if you want an attractive, performant smartwatch, with comfortably all-day battery life, this could be for you.

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  6. Andrew R

    It is my first adventure with a smartwatch so please understand. For the price I love the product and I am a new fan of Fossil. I am happy with the new software update from last month and I am excited to see what else is ahead. I really love this watch and all that it is capable of.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    my husband does not leave home without it. I gave sleep tracker a 3 because he usually takes the watch off when sleeping. he loves

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  8. José Alberto

    Excelente SmartWatch, calidad y súper elegante

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  9. Christy Smith

    I bought this for my husband. He absolutely loves it!

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Purchased for my son’s Christmas gift and he absolutely loves it! Has everything he needed plus set up was SO easy. Highly recommend this watch.

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